Daily Tours in the Danube Delta departures from Tulcea

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If you are planing to visit the Danube Delta take a look at our TOURS BOAT (dailytripsdanubedelta). You can book boat Camely to explore the back canals and the shallow lakes of the delta accompanied by a guide specialist. This boat a suited for day tours in the Danube Delta.

Boat day tours in the Danube Delta | Camely Hidrobuz   4/6 h , (4 - 10 persons).
Contact: 0040/738 622 126 (romeno).
 0039/338 454 1511 ( english, italian, watsapp).


Book a daily tours 4/6 h, ( 4 - 10 people) of the most beautiful regions in the Danube Delta ( Tulcea, Romania), a Unesco Biosphere Reservation, birdwatching tours (4 - 6 hours), day fishing by smoll bout ( maxim 4 person).




The Danube Delta is a Biosphere Reserve - the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is listed in the list of RAMSAR sites as an important area for water birds. It is a part of the European Reteau of NATURA 2000 protected area. It is a paradise of flora and fauna with a unique characteristic - it is inhabited by a local population with specifico multietnico that still offers a main attraction of the area.


To make the most of this area and what it's at its disposal, we offer you a slow and exhilarated excursion to make your experience memorable. Cruise speed is slow so you can enjoy the beauties of the area and the guide's explanations. The draft and the gauge of the ship allow it to glide on the canals and lakes in the delta even at the lowest levels. Additionally, boat trips can be made in the most interesting portions where ships can not enter. It is equipped with an indoor lounge for unfavorable weather conditions, with the dining hall and the covered outdoor terrace in order to enjoy the splendor of the area. The ship is equipped with a toilet, as some excursions can take several hours. The maximum capacity of the ship is 10 places. It is very important to size your group according to this parameter.





















We mainly offer excursions for several hours between 4-8 hours, on certified routes for practicing tourism in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. We can organize birds and landscape observation excursions, sport fishing parties, anniversaries for groups of up to 10 people. Even with a timely appointment, we can serve a local dish prepared by a very passionate cook who is just waiting to appreciate his delicacies. Also with time schedule you can make a stay for a few days with accommodation at one of the pensions located in the heart of the delta. Extra services. Optional route depending on tourists' request. Transfer sport fishing. Upon request, you can rent a boat powered by a seaman with a maximum of three people for sport fishing or visiting overflowing colonies. Only private tours can be organized on request with fewer people, provided that the total sum of at least eight people is paid.



Hidrobuz Camely is located in Tulcea on the Danube Fountain at 100m from Hotel Delta **** at the Danube Delta National Research & Development Institute. The address you should reach is: Latitude: 45 ° 10'52.23 "N, Longitude: 28 ° 48'15.16" E To reach Tulcea coming from Bucharest, head to the Sun Highway, at 105 km leave the highway and head towards Slobozia, then follow Constanta (E 60) direction, cross the Danube on the Giurgeni-Vadu Oii bridge, and after crossing the city Harsova, leaving the locality, leave the road leading to Constanta and follow the indicator to Tulcea (DN 22A). From Constanta, exit the city to Ovidiu (Harsova), and after crossing the Midia Navodari Canal, follow the indicator to the right to Tulcea (DN 22). From Braila and Galati, cross the Danube by ferry (every city crosses an ferry at least once a hour) and then follow signs to Tulcea.

We wish you a pleasant stay and we are waiting for you.

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Boat day tours in the Danube Delta | Camely Hidrobuz
Book by email:

0040/738 622 126 ( romeno). 
0039/338 454 1511 ( english, italian, watsapp).



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